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Together in love and faith

Welcome to Year 1!


General information

If your child would like snack at playtimes then please use the online booking system as we no longer accept cash in school. Toast, fruit, milk, milkshake and juice are all available to book online each day or further in advance. 

Year 1 P.E days will be Wednesday and Thursday. Children can come into school in their school PE kit on these days. 

R.E. topics (Summer)


This topic is designed to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the Resurrection of Jesus and its message. The children will learn that Easter is the most important Christian feast because Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. They will learn about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and reflect on times when their own sadness turned to joy. They will be introduced to Thomas the apostle and reflect on the importance of his story.


In this topic the children explore the role of miracles in the life of Jesus. The children will learn that Jesus had the power to perform miracles and that he performed miracles to show his love and care for others. They will hear the stories of the Calming of the Storm, the healing of the paralysed and blind man. They will reflect on the message of the miracle stories and on how they act towards others.

We Need You!

As you know we really value parental involvement and appreciate the support of our parents.

Reading is a crucial way in which you can help your child at home. Please read with your child every night, even if it is only for 5 minutes!

As a school we are passionate about children's emotional health and well-being. This year we will continue to focus on 'Growth Mindset' initiatives.  


Our Year 1 motto is

'I can if I try!'

No matter how old we are, we all learn by making mistakes! In year 1 it doesn't matter if we make mistakes but it is important that we always try our best and have a go. smiley

An update from last half term...


In English, we have been exploring the story 'Where the Wild Things are.' Year 1 have enjoyed our English topic this half term and have written amazing adventure stories based on the book.


We have been getting practical, exploring different types of measure. We have been busy measuring lengths, heights and weights of objects around our classroom. Year 1 have been using the vocualuary heavier/lighter/longest/shortest/tallest to describe and compare differentr heights, lengths and weights.


Year 1 have been investigating the human bodies and animals. We have been sorting and classifying animals. Last half term we explored our senses which involved tasting lots of yummy (and disgusting) foods!


In history, we have been exploring how houses around Runcorn have changed and evolved. We have been identifying how houses have changed and tried to understand why these changes may have occurred. 


Year 1 have designed and created windmills. We made windmills from paper and tested to see if they worked. They did! 



Last half term Year one have been devloping their aiming skills through various target games. We have also been very creative in our dance sessions, creating dances based on 'Toys.'

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