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Geography Curriculum

Through our geography curriculum at St Clement’s Catholic Primary School, we want our children to become curious life-long geographers who have a connection with their local area but also a fascination with the wider world, it’s places and people. We want our children to understand the physical and human geographical processes that are interconnected with how our world changes over time. We want to develop their interest in how these translate into issues facing people and places locally, but also around the world, inspiring and equipping them to create positive change as they go through their lives in our changing world.

At St Clement’s, our children will learn key knowledge as set out in the national curriculum and apply this using geographical skills, to allow them to understand how the Earth’s environments, processes and features are interconnected and change over time. Children will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of location and the human and physical geography of places around the world, linking these to geographical processes. They will embed this knowledge through developing and using geographical skills, as well as undertaking regular, meaningful fieldwork based around enquiry questions. Our children will be exposed to a range of data and geographical information sources, which they will learn to collect, interpret, analyse and communicate in different ways.

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