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Together in love and faith

Year 5

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas Holidays and enjoyed spending time with your families.


I am very excited for this term, we have a fantastic new topic to learn and there are a few additions to the classroom I hope you will like, our Starbooks Café reading area has been freshly decorated and new Library is waiting to be filled with your book reviews. 

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In our Literacy and Maths areas there are new feature frames waiting to display the work that makes us smile the most each week.

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This term our topic  ‘A Kingdom United’ will give you the opportunity as Geographers to explore the geographical features of the United Kingdom; as Historians to unearth facts about the Anglo-Saxons and the impact of their arrival; as musicians to learn more about the National Anthems of the United Kingdom and compose an anthem for St Clements…you may even get to perform it!

This terms class novel will enable you to follow the adventures of Bron.

Bron, a young Saxon slave, does the hard work that his master the village blacksmith would rather avoid. His reward is a lack of food and cruel jeers from other, non-enslaved children in the village.

But, unbeknown to all, war is brewing! And when a famous Saxon warlord arrives at his village Bron gets a chance to prove that honour and bravery are not only for those who are already free...

A tale of friendship and the desire to belong, this adventure resonates with all children and immerses readers in the Anglo-Saxon era, with plenty of detail about the myths and culture of that time.


Also please remember to read at home each night.

In Science we will be investigating reversible and irreversible changes as you experiment with dissolving and separating materials…starting with discovering what happened to the snow we made at the end of last term…I wonder if our predictions were correct?



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Our RE focus this term is ‘Inspirational People’. We will be taking this topic into our school lives as we try to inspire others to be kind, compassionate, caring and always to do our best. We will be growing leaves on our Tree of Inspiration as we observe and record the kindness of our friends and each week we will choose who in the class has been an inspiration to us all and they will feature on our display as ‘Inspiration of the Week’.


Please note that PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday. Swimming will not be until the last half term of the year. 

Spellings and Multiplication Tables

We will be focusing on spellings this term.  Spellings will be set each Wednesday for you to learn over a two-week period.  You will have a practice test on the Tuesday of week 1 to help you focus on your weaker spellings ready for you spelling test on the Tuesday of week 2.  Spellings will be uploaded onto this page fortnightly along with spelling activities you could try to help you practice.

You will be given 15 spellings to learn; 5 revision or topic specific spellings and 10 new spellings.

Each time you beat your personal best score you will receive a house point and gain a dot on the new Spelling Super Stars Chart. Each time you get full marks you will receive 2 house points and a start on the Spelling Super Stars Chart.

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Description generated with very high confidenceTo help you gain skills in mental maths we will be revisiting the times tables this term.  Each day you will be given time to practice the focus table for the fortnight (starting with 3x) and on a Friday you will be tested. 

You will receive a house point each time you beat your personal best score and gain a dot on the new Spelling Rock Stars Chart. Each time you get full marks you will receive 2 house points and a start on the Spelling Rock Stars Chart.

We will also be learning some Times Table Rock Star Songs!

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