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Together in love and faith

Welcome to Year 6

Happy New Year!

Year 6 have had a great start to the year. They have took on new roles with great responsibilty. The children have have loved spending time with their buddies both playing in class, spending a play time with them and serving them for Christmas lunch!

This page will be updated throughout the year but, as ever, if you have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to speak to me at the start of the day or contact school.

Mrs Attwood :-)


Monday and Wednesday - PE lesson

Tuesday - Spelling test (Every 2 weeks)

Wednesday- Homework due in

Friday - Homework set 

Spelling books and reading books need to be in school everyday.


Our spellings will be following on from last year and will be tested every two weeks. As well as learning the spellings I give the children, I would also like them to find several of their own using the spellings rule/pattern. I will attach a copy of the spelling below every 2 weeks.

Important dates

Parents evening - Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th January

Morning boosters - Every Wednesday for the whole class at 8:30am

SATS meeting for Parents - Thursday 12th January

Boosters after school re-start: Week commencing 6th March

SATS - Tuesday 9th May - Friday 12th May

Robinwood - Monday 10th July - Wednesday 12th July

Spring Term topics

In Science we will be  learning about animals, exercise, health and the circulatory system. We will then be looking at Living things and their habitats.

In this half term we will be looking at History and how houses have changed over time.

In Geography we will be exploring the countries that make up South Amercia and what resources come from the area.

We will also be exploring our next Music and in Spanish we will be learning about the Weather.

In Art we will be exploring a variety of artists.

Wonderful News from so far in Year 6

In English the children have enjoyed learning about World War 2. We have explored a book called Rose Blanche, writing a diary entry and then we read about Anne Frank and wrote a bravery award speech. We have also explored Charles Darwin as part of Origins of the Species and have learnt about refugees and written a flashback narrative when reading the story 'Story like the Wind.'.

In History, we have learnt about the Vikings, where they invaded and how Lindisfarne was raided by the Vikings. We have also explored homes over the years from Iron age and stone age upto current houses, exploring how they have changed over time.

In Science, we have learnt about Evolution and adaptation, thinking about traits we have and how they are genetic or environmental. We also learnt how animals adapt to their surrounding, exploring the Galapagos Iguanas and the famous Scientist Charles Darwin. We have also explored the circulatory system and what happens to our body as the blood is pumped around.

In Music the children enjoyed listening, singing and composing notes on the glockenspiel. 

We have been working hard in Art. We mixed colours to recreate the Japenese Footbridge by Monet and we learnt how to create Zentangle patterns. 


Useful Documents & Letters

Please click on the links below to see further information about Year 6 and there is important information in our newsletter. 


Homework will be set weekly and it will be available for the children on DB primary that the children are familiar with using during lockdown.

Year 6 may also be set timestables on TT Rockstars. If you child has lost their password then please let me know and I will give them it again.

The Way, The Truth and The Life

At St Clement's we follow 'The Way the Truth, The Life' scheme in RE. The children cover a different topic each term as shown below.

Autumn 1 - The Kingdom of God

The topic is designed to allow children to explore what and where the Kingdom of God is, exploring parables and miracles of Jesus. We will also look at ways in which people responds to Jesus’ invitation to belong to his Kingdom.

Autumn 2 - Justice 

This topic is designed to teach the children what justice is and know that they are call to work for justice in the world. They will explore this through completing work on the prophet Elijah and John the Baptist as well as more modern day Christians like Oscar Romero. The children will also explore the meaning of Advent and what is associated with Advent and Christmas.

Spring 1 - Jesus, The bread of Life 

This topic is designed to allow children to explore what Jesus is the bread of likfe means for us.  They will explore what a convenant is and think about what our part it. As part of this unit they will explore the mass, undetstanding the Penitential Act and the Liturgy of the Word, thinking about what happens at the offertory. 

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