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Together in love and faith

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer. This year the children will be given roles and responsibilities and we will help them become more independent, preparing them for high school.

Please take a look at our updated newsletter below to find out what we shall be doing this term! 

This page will be updated throughout the year but, as ever, if you have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to speak to me at the start of the day or contact school.

Mrs Attwood :-)


Wednesday and Thursday - Swimming (Wed), PE (Thursday) 

Wednesday - Homework due in

Friday - Homework set 

Reading books need to be in school everyday.


Our spellings will be following on from last year. We will also be learning Y5/Y6 words which are attached below.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

Our first test will be on Friday 13th October. Each set of spellings are attached below.

Wonderful News in Year 6

Y6 were fantastic in the harvest festival dancing to Cotton Eye Joe. 


Homework will be set weekly and it will be available for the children on DB primary that the children are familiar with using.

Year 6 may also be set timestables on TT Rockstars. If you child has lost their password then please let me know and I will give them it again.

Important dates

Please keep an eye out for dates for the following this half term - 

Welcome Year group meetings - Monday 11th September

Year 6 Parent Lunch - 19th September

Harvest Festival - Tuesday 26th September

We also have exciting events happening later in the year:

Robinwood - Friday 28th June - Sunday 30th June (change of date.) Letter has been emailed to parents. Meeting on Monday 2nd October 2023

Chemistry with Cabbage - Science investigations - June 2024

Useful Documents & Letters

Please click on the links below to see further information about Year 6 and there is important information in our newsletter. 

Autumn Term topics

In English we will be exploring Rose Blanche, a story based around World War 2. We will then explore Anne Frank. We will be writing a diary entry and a bravery award speech.

In Maths we will be explore place value and the four operations. We will also be exploring arithmetic questions and how to apply operations to problems.

In Science we will be learning about Evolution. We will learn how animals and plants adapt to their surroundings. We will also learn about fossils and Charles Darwin. 

In Music we will be developing melody by listening, singing, playing, composing and performing. 

In Spanish we will be learning about how to say items 'At School'.

The Way, The Truth and The Life

At St Clement's we follow 'The Way the Truth, The Life' scheme in RE. The children cover a different topic each term as shown below.

Autumn 1 - The Kingdom of God

The topic is designed to allow children to explore what and where the Kingdom of God is, exploring parables and miracles of Jesus. We will also look at ways in which people responds to Jesus’ invitation to belong to his Kingdom.

Autumn 2 - Justice 

This topic is designed to teach the children what justice is and know that they are call to work for justice in the world. They will explore this through completing work on the prophet Elijah and John the Baptist as well as more modern day Christians like Oscar Romero. The children will also explore the meaning of Advent and what is associated with Advent and Christmas.

Spring 1 - Jesus, The bread of Life 

This topic is designed to allow children to explore what Jesus is the bread of likfe means for us.  They will explore what a convenant is and think about what our part it. As part of this unit they will explore the mass, undetstanding the Penitential Act and the Liturgy of the Word, thinking about what happens at the offertory. 

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