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Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page

Please see below all of the home learning activities.

We have set up a central school email address, which all teachers will be checking. This should only be used for learning support; any other queries please ring school or email Mrs Marnell. Please put FAO Mrs Attwood and I will be sure to email back as soon as I can. The email address is: stclementsWA7@outlook.com placing FAO Mrs Attwood in the subject box.

Take care and I shall hopefully see you all soon!

Mrs Attwood

Reading activities

Week 1 - Revision book page 8 and 9

Week 2 - Revision book page 32 and 33

Week 3 - Revision book page 48 and 49

Week 4 - Revision book page 14 and 15

Extras - 

Revision book, page 6, page 24

Dinosaur reading activities (see pack)

Spag activities

Spelling wordsearches

Week 1 - Revision book page 8,9,11

Week 2 - Revision book page 6 and 12

Week 3 - Revision book back 46 and 47

Week 4 - Revision book page 23,24 and 25

Extra - Revision book Page 16, Page 29

Topic and RE

This half term we have exploring the Vikings. Topic ideas for at home are as follows: 

Week 1 - Design a Viking longboat. Use any resources you have availble! If you want be creative and make it too!!

Week 2 - Make a poster or a PowerPoint to compare Viking life with now. Think about transport, beliefs, homes, clothes, food and children.


Write a caption and draw an image for each station of the cross.  (A template is in your pack.

Write an Easter Story- think about the different events that happened.


Write a diary about your time off so far. What are you enjoying? What are you finding difficult? Think about work in English we have completed in.

Maths activities

Week 1 - Revision book page 34 and 35

Week 2 - Revision book page 36

Week 3 - Revision book page 37 and 38

Week 4 - Revision book – Any number and place value pages page 6 to p10

Extras - Revision book page 25 and 26, page 28

More ideas: https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/year-6-maths/



Below are additional activities and non-screen activities for the children. 

The home learning pack below has extra maths and Spag activities.

On going activities

TT Rockstars: The children are really enjoying the games on here and the battles. I will set up battles weekly for the children to complete.

Reading for pleasure: I would like the children to continue to read every week at home. This could be anything from books, magazines, comics, etc.

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